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Appletiser & TBWA have launched a ground breaking Augmented Reality experience by Director, Graeme Carr


9 short stories, written & directed by Carr, with Shane Forbes, Vincent Osmond & Mike Groenewald (CD) from TBWA for Appletisers Valentine's Day Promotion, follow Johnny Appleseed and Apple Blossom, two star-crossed lovers, and a mischievous cupid. 


The romance theme presented team with the opportunity to create a unique application of AR technology based around the “Coupling” theme of Valentines day.


Pairing any two of the romance-themed labels on limited edition Appletiser bottles triggers one of the 9 augmented reality stories unique to that label combination and detection order.


The multiple, non linear narratives and unique-combination aspect of the campaign results in the customer needing to collect all the bottles in order to experience the full story.

The App drew a significant press coverage, TV and radio interviews and has been featured on a number of local and international websites and blogs. Check out the highlights below.​



  • In April 2015 the APPLETISER app was featured on the Science & Technology show EDGE on Channel ED (DStv 190). You can view the clip from that show on YouTube here.


  • Graeme Carr & Appletisers Marketing Manager Serena Ramiah where intervied on Ashraf Garda's SAFM Radio show on the 8th March 2015. Listen to the clip here



Website & Blog Features:​

Agency: TBWA JHB
Agency Creative Director: Mike Groenewald

Art Director: Shane Forbes

Copywriter: Vince Osmond

Agency Producer: Ingrid Shellard & Debbie Pienaar

Director: Graeme Carr

Designers: Colin O’Mare Davis & Graeme Carr

Post Production Creative Director: Graeme Carr 

Post Production: Pollen

3D Artists: Rory Mark & Guy Schuleman

AR Developer: Brent Robinson
Producers: Naledi Mokhele

Audio: Earworm

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