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Appletiser Crowns On

With less than 20 000 white rhinos left in Africa and less than 500 Sumatran rhinos left in Asia, something drastic needs to be done to put an end to poaching. According to large-scale poaching of the now critically endangered black rhino resulted in a dramatic 96% decline from 65,000 individuals in 1970 to just 2,300 in 1993. Thanks to the persistent efforts of conservation programmes across Africa black rhino numbers have risen since the early 1990s to a current population of between 5,042 and 5,455 individuals.


To fight rhino poaching by creating awareness, Gautrain & Sony Pictures commissioned Colin O’Mara Davis and Wondermerk to create a Augmented Reality experience within the Sandton Gautrain Station.

The development team, led by Graeme Carr and application developers Dondoo Studios created the SafarEye application for iOs and Android. The application also urges people to make donations to  RAGE (Rhino Action Group Effort) to help save and protect the last remaining Rhinos.

To use, download (links below), launch the SafarEye app and follow the easy instructions. The next time you visit  the Sandton the Station, point your device at the wall marker to activate. Alternatively a version of the marker is provided below. 

Note. Because the marker is not 100% to scale or set to ground level, the Rhinos will appear smaller and to be floating.

Appletiser Crowns On

Client: RAGE, Sony Picture, Gautrain

Production Company: Black Gosling

Director: Colin O’Mare Davis,

Producer: Larney De Swart, Graeme Carr, James Gaydon

Designers: Colin O’Mare Davis

Post Production Creative Director: Colin O’Mare Davis, Graeme Carr 

Post Production: Wondermerk

3D Artist: Gerhard De Jarger

AR Developer: Brent Robinson
Development Company: Dondoo Studios

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